Wanderu is a bus and train travel search website, and all tickets are booked directly with our travel partners and will be subject to the carriers' terms and conditions. 

Changes, cancellations and refund requests for tickets must be made directly with the carrier that you are traveling on, with a few exceptions. 

As per our partners' policies, most tickets are non-refundable. However, you may be able to change the ticket depending on the carrier's ticket change policy for a fee.

Please remember that Wanderu has no authority on refunds, cancellations or changes in itinerary.

The following information is subject to change. To view more up to date information or for information on a carrier not listed below, please refer to your ticket and contact the carrier directly.

Carriers that have refundable/credited tickets (restrictions apply):

-Amtrak: fully refundable if cancelled within 1 hour of purchase: Cancel/Change Amtrak ticket on www.amtrak.com, subject to fees after the 1st hour.

-Go Buses: refundable -$2.50 fee if cancelled +48 hours before departure: Cancel Go Buses ticket.

-Red Coach: cancellations and changes must be submitted 3+ hours before departure. Web Fare refundable - 50% fee, Standard Fare -30% fee, Flexible Fare no fee. Cancel Red Coach Tickets Online

-Via Rail: fully refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of purchase as long as the train has not departed: Cancel Via Rail ticket, after 24 hours subject to fare conditions.

Carriers with non-refundable tickets, exchanges available:

-Best Bus: no fee, requires 1 day notice.

-Bolt Bus:
no fee, requires 1 day notice.

$20.00 fee per passenger, 24 hours' notice.

-Megabus: $3 fee if changed 24 hours or more; $5 fee 6-24 hours before departure; $7.50 fee 3-6 hours before departure + $2.50 new reservation fee if changed online/$7 fee if changed by phone.

-Panda NY Bus: fee unknown, requires 2+ hours' notice.

-Peter Pan:  $7 fee for tickets under $10.  $14 fee for tickets over $10, 2 hours' notice. (Tickets can be completely exchanged, passenger, cities, times and dates at the station or by phone).

-Southeastern Stages: fee unknown, requires 1 day notice.

-Turimex (Grupo Senda): fee unknown, must be changed in person minimum 1 hour before departure.

Carriers with non-refundable tickets but that have special alternatives

-OurBus: exchange your ticket or cancel it for a carrier-specific credit valid for 5 years. OurBus Wallet.

-Sprinter Bus: you can exchange your ticket or place it on "hold" for no additional fees. 1 day notice.  Sprinter Bus Reservation Change

Carriers with non-refundable and non-transferable tickets:

-Quick Shuttle

-Trailways NY
(with a few exceptions, tickets marked refundable -25% fee will be subject to the carrier's terms and refunds will be mailed by check-no ACH refunds will be processed).


For carrier contact phone numbers please refer to the button below. If you would like us to send you specific information on a carrier or a link to their website FAQs or terms and conditions, please send us a message (live chat button to the lower right of the screen) with the carrier name and what you are looking for.

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