Wanderu does not issue tickets for most of our carriers, so you will receive an email directly from the carrier with your ticket/confirmation.

If you have not received your confirmation email/ticket, either in your inbox/promotions or spam folder of the email address you entered on the checkout page, please contact the carrier directly to request for your ticket to be resent.

Some confirmation emails are sent by Wanderu, such as with Go Buses and Tufesa; for most of these you will only need the confirmation number and your ID to board the bus, and a ticket will not be issued. If you need the confirmation email resent, just let us know.

Some carriers allow you to resend your ticket to yourself. For these carriers, like Amtrak and SprinterBus, you will have to visit their website and follow their prompts to do this.

For a few other carriers, we can help pull up copies of the tickets and send it to you, however we will not be able to resend the whole email (just the pdf ticket). Most of these carriers require printed tickets in order to board the bus; these include Greyhound (print at home only), Peter Pan, Trailways NY, Adirondack, Pine Hill Kingston, Indian Trails, Miller Transportation, Southeastern Stages, Jefferson Lines, Silverado Mainline, Express Arrow, Barons Bus,  Burlington Trailways, Fullington Trailways & Vermont Translines. Please send us the confirmation number that you received on the "thank you" page of the transaction; if you no longer have the confirmation number, please send us the billing name and email address you entered on the checkout page and we will look up your transaction and send you a copy of your ticket if it's available. 

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