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Can I buy a ticket for someone else?
Can I buy a ticket for someone else?

3rd person booking

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Want to book a ticket for someone else? Or perhaps you are booking for yourself but using a third party credit or debit card. 

No problem! However, there are a few points the third party purchaser should keep in mind on Wanderu's platform. Please follow the steps below for a successful booking!

Step 1

Once you have selected the itinerary for your trip, you will be taken to a Trip Summary page.

Step 2

Make sure to review your selection (route, dates, times). If everything is correct, click "book" to head to the check-out page. 

Step 3

At the check-out page, you'll see there are two sections of info to fill out: the Passenger Information section and the Billing Information section. This is the important part to avoid errors! 

Under PASSENGER INFORMATION you will put in the traveler's full name as it appears on their valid government identification (passport, driver ID).

Under BILLING INFORMATION, you will enter the name and address pertaining to the credit card you are using (not the passenger's information). Do not use autofill.

Step 4

It is very important to enter the email address to where YOU WOULD LIKE THE TICKET AND CONFIRMATION TO BE SENT. 

Step 5

Once you submit the payment, you will be direct to a "thank you" page, where you will get your confirmation number, please take this number down (and keep it!)

Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email and e-tickets from the transportation carrier in the inbox of the email address indicated.

Ensure that the billing details are entered accurately, i.e. with the same information on file at the bank (including the address). If this information is not matched, an error will be produced and the booking will not go through.

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