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My billing info won't go through
My billing info won't go through

Problems with payment

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If your billing information is not going through at purchase, please read below! Do not retry multiple times as this may cause your account to be blocked and your credit card to get frozen as a deterrent to fraud.

An error can be produced when the billing information stored with your credit card company does not match the information being entered on the checkout page; this is called an AVS mismatch. Billing information, including your 5 digit zip code (in the US) and phone number, must be exactly as you have it registered with your bank. 

You can also receive an error if you are entering your credit card security code incorrectly. This code can be either 3 digits or 4 (AMEX), and is usually located on the back of your card to the right of the signature pad. For AMEX cards it is a 4 digit code, located on the front (or back) below the card number.

Please note that if you receive an error message and your purchase fails, you will not be charged for failed bookings. There may be a temporary hold placed on your funds, but this hold is usually removed within a few hours or a few days, once your credit card provider confirms that your payment was unsuccessful.

What can you do if you are still receiving an error message?

We recommend calling the bank to double check that the credit card billing address and telephone number match exactly what you have registered with the bank. If the problem persists, we suggest trying a different credit card.

Still not working?

Your computer may be overloaded. Try clearing your browsing history/cache and trying again. If the problem persists, try the golden trick: shut your computer down, wait 30 seconds, turn it back on and attempt your purchase through our platform!

If you are still having issues, please chat at us through the bubble on the lower right hand corner of the page or email us at [email protected] and provide us with your email address and billing name so we can look up what may have happened and provide you with alternatives to get you traveling. 


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