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Traveling with babies

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Each carrier has its own policy in regard to infant passengers. 

Infants (under 24 months): Most carriers allow 1 infant to ride with no cost as long as they are carried on the lap of a full-paying adult. If a carrier or car seat is used, you may be charged the price of a seat.

Actual ticketing policies vary and will depend on the carrier. Here are a few different examples:

No ticket required - No charge for lap infant:

  • Greyhound - 1 infant per adult (national trips only)

  • Peter Pan - 1 infant per adult 

  • Trailways NY - 1 infant per adult (national trips only)

Ticket is required - No charge for lap infant:

Ticket is required - Discounted price:

  • Wanda Coach (ages 0-3) 

Ticket is required - Full price:

The ticket price is the same as an adult and the infant will have their own seat -  you can take a car seat on board. Tickets can be purchased through Some carriers are: 

  • Go Buses

  • Eastern Bus

  • Panda NY Bus

For carriers that require all passengers to be registered, including Via Rail, Amtrak, and any with trips to a different country, all infants traveling must be issued a ticket and carriers have the right to request proof of age when boarding.

If the carrier you wish to travel with does offer an infant fare or discount and they require a ticket for the infant, we will suggest that you contact them to purchase your tickets directly with them or on their website.

Most carriers will also allow passengers to check in one of the following free of charge: Stroller or Car Seat (some allow you to take both, especially for carriers that require tickets for infants).

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