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Luggage Policies

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Each carrier has their own luggage/baggage policy. 

The easiest way to find out how many bags you can bring on your trip is to read over the carrier terms and conditions provided on the checkout page, or check your confirmation email from the carrier for details.

Bus: carriers will usually allow 1 suitcase to be checked into the lower portion of the bus and 1 small carry on bag that you can take on board with the price of your ticket.

Some bus carriers may allow you to check 2 suitcases instead of 1 for free, subject to space availability and most commonly seen on carriers that cover airport routes.

Train: carriers, such as Amtrak, will allow passengers 2 carry on items and 2 small suitcases per adult passenger. For VIA Rail Escape/Economy class you may only take 1 small personal item and 1 medium carry on; all other fare classes will include 2 medium carry on. Please note on VIA Rail trips, checked baggage service is available only on long distance and regional routes. Please make sure to confirm that this service is offered on your train before its departure.

Size and weight limitations are pretty general:

Carry-on bag (25 lbs or 11kg): must fit under the seat/overhead bin. Book bags, purses, and duffel bags are some examples (non-wheeled).

Suitcases 50 lbs (22.5kg): actual size for checked baggage may vary by carrier but it is usually around 62 inches when you add together length + width + height. (Same as on an airplane)

Additional luggage: fees for additional luggage usually range between $10-$40 and vary by carrier. Some will instead require you to purchase a second ticket in order to check a second suitcase. Oversize and overweight luggage may also incur additional fees or even be rejected as it could be a safety concern for the handlers. 

For more information, check out our blog post about luggage policies; you can also call the carrier at the number provided on your ticket, or simply look on their website under luggage or baggage policy or FAQs.

We recommend that you properly tag all bags and place your name, address and phone number on the inside as most carriers will not be responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen items and insurance coverage is limited. You may contact the carrier directly to file a claim if this happens to you.

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