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How to find a trip with amenities
How to find a trip with amenities

How to search for a trip that has what you want: bathrooms, outlets, WiFi, or even snacks and food.

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Whether WiFi is a dealbreaker, or it's just good to know whether you'll have access to a restroom during your trip, Wanderu is here to help!

When you search for your bus or train tickets on, you can see what amenities are included on the ride by clicking “Details” and then tapping on “See More.” You can hover your mouse over the symbols on the trip selection page to view a short description of what each one represents. 

You can even filter by which amenities you'd like to have for your trip. In the filters section of the Wanderu search results, simply click the amenities you’d like to filter by.

Please keep in mind that since these are complimentary it is within the carrier's rights to not offer them on specific routes or if there are technical issues outside of their control. For more information about amenity availability on certain routes, please contact the carrier directly.

To learn more about the amenities available for trips booked through Wanderu, check out our blog post here.

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