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Missed your bus/train? 😢
Missed your bus/train? 😢

What to do if you miss your bus or train

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Most carriers require passengers to arrive at the station 15-20 minutes before departure and are authorized to re-sell your seat if you have not checked in 5-15 minutes before departure. (Actual times will vary by carrier).

If you missed your bus or train and you would like to catch the next trip out, it is important you contact your carrier as soon as possible to check what options are available to you. You can find the carrier's contact information in the confirmation email sent to you by the carrier, or in the contact list below. You can also head over to the ticket office and ask an agent on staff, if available.

Unfortunately, most of the time a missed trip will usually result in a voided non-refundable ticket and you will have to purchase a new ticket for a later bus. 

Some carriers, like Best Bus, may allow you to board a later bus on the same day (this is subject to availability) as a standby passenger.

Wanderu is a third-party ground carrier search platform and has no authority on refunds, cancellations or changes in itinerary. All reservations and transactions are done directly with the bus/train company you choose to travel with and will be subject to the carrier's terms and conditions.

If you purchased travel insurance upon booking and missed your trip due to a covered reason, you can also submit a claim to Allianz for reimbursement. You can read more about filing your claim here.

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