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How do I book tickets on Wanderu?
How do I book tickets on Wanderu?

Step by Step Guide

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Wanderu is an online travel search site. We partner with hundreds of carriers in multiple countries to help travelers find the most affordable bus and train tickets, rental cars, and hotels. 

You can find all the available schedules on your desired route and book tickets by searching directly on our website,, or on the Wanderu app! 

Currency/Language: All prices listed on our website are in USD and will be charged in USD unless otherwise specified. You can change your country (language) and currency display on the top of the website. This will not change the actual currency you will be charged in, just the display.

Step 1: Fill in the fields

  • Select the way you wish to travel (One way trip or round trip) 

  • Enter a departure city

  • Enter a destination city

  • Enter/Select your Departure date

  • Enter/Select your Return Date (if you selected the Round trip option)*

  • Click the magnifying glass.

*If you are looking for a One Way trip, you won't be asked to select a Return date*. 

The website will then populate all the available options for your departure. You can sort and/or filter your results to your preference (filters must be applied to each trip leg individually). 

You can also see the trip details (if there are any reported stops/layovers) by clicking on "Details" icon and clicking on the expanding icon. 

Keep in mind that though most carriers will provide us with stop/layover information this is subject to change depending on the route, weather conditions, road detours and delays, etc. Each carrier will do their best to try to get you to your destination by the scheduled arrival time listed, remember to plan accordingly and allow yourself at least 1-2 hours before any important meetings, events, flights, or transfers to other vehicles. 

Step 2: Select your tickets

Once you have selected your preferred options for departure, you will be redirected to another page where you will select your return option (if you entered a return date).  You can sort/filter these results and click "Details" to see the trip details, as well.

Step 3: Review selection and add passengers

Once you have selected your preferred tickets, you will be taken to a trip summary page, where it is important to review your selection to make sure it is accurate. You can also edit the number of passengers if more than one person will be traveling.

If everything is correct, click BOOK, and you will be taken to the check-out page! 

Step 4: Checkout

The checkout page will provide you with a summary of your selection. Make sure that your dates, cities, and travel times are as you wish them to be. You will also see the total amount due including any carrier taxes and booking fees.

Proceed to enter the passenger names, credit card information, and billing information as well as the email address you wish to receive your confirmation/tickets to. We advise against using autofill, accent marks or special characters for these sections. If you do, please make sure to double check all your entries, especially the passenger name. 

Remember that all tickets are non-refundable unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions you agreed to upon purchase. If you are booking a ticket within the U.S., you will have an option on the check-out page to purchase travel insurance through Allianz, which will provide coverage for trip interruption, lost baggage, and more.

So, what happens after check-out and purchase? 

When you have successfully purchased your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email from the carrier directly to your email inbox/promotions (or spam).

However, depending on the carrier, you may or may not need to print their ticket. Some like Go Buses, Megabus, Amtrak, Peter Pan, etc. will only need to see your e-ticket via your mobile device and a valid ID. Others like Greyhound, Trailways NY, Eastern Bus, etc. do require a physical ticket with a valid government-issued photo ID to board.

To inquire about the boarding policy of the particular company, please use the following link to find their phone number and contact them directly:

If you need a rental car during any part of your trip, or if you need to book a hotel for your stay, you may do so directly on Wanderu.

Search for rental cars here:

Search for hotels here:

If you have additional questions please email our customer service team at [email protected]. Safe travels!

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